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Miss Walker's Magazine Round Up: Elle Decor

Next cab off the rank is Elle Decor, which is a favourite among interior junkies. While there are a few editions available from UK, Europe and the US, all inspire with impeccable quality styling and lifestyle ideas. Check these inspiring spaces out for a taste and if they really take your fancy, check out their books, So Chic and Style and Substance.

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  1. Hey, you do an amazing job of rounding up pictures! I'm positively drooling over them.

    However, I really think you should credit the creators by name and not just pointing to pinterest - since it's just a platform, it'd be like crediting google. Besides, it forces the user to open a pinterest account, which I don't have and don't want.

    You really have an eye for style and I believe this would take your blog to the next nevel, that is, that you could make money from it.


  2. Thanks for your comment Julia, appreciate your thoughts. Please keep the suggestions coming! Love your blog too, keep up the great work! xoxo

  3. Very cool ideas, had to click on each picture

  4. I am loving the image with the colorful stacked artworks. I find it very inspiring and I might do something similar for my own home. Great post as usual, Miss Walker!


  5. Fabulous Fabulous round up! I love everyone of the photos and will reference often. You have such a great eye and I so love coming to visit!



  6. I think Elle Decoration along with Living Etc would have to be my two favourite magazines. I must see if I can get hold of the Norwegian version of Elle Decoration as it is supposed to be fantastic.

  7. Have loved the last few Interior magazine posts, Elle Decoration is one of my faves!
    Love all the images, second to bottom one is one of my favourites.

    Abigail x

  8. Wow, great post, just found your blog. There are so many cute ways to decorate in these photos. I really like when there are a bunch of pics together hanging on the wall. i think it's really cute.

    Following you now.
    I have fashion blog here in San Francisco

  9. That black sink is fabulous! And I just adore birdcages. Elle seems great!

  10. Love those bright spaces. But that black dog on the white couch??? NOOO!!! I in fact have a black dog and know what that poor white couch is experiencing.

    ♥ sécia

  11. Such beautiful images...love the last one with the birdcage!!

  12. Major Elle Decor fan, drooling over those pics xx

  13. i'm in love whit your blog... ;)

    check mine too: santiroyalhome.blogspot.com


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