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Miss Walker's Magazine Round Up: Vogue Living

Call me old fashioned but I still love the tactile experience of flicking through the pages of magazines. It is one of my addictions and I usually spend Sundays catching up on my favourites (my fav's list is long and neverending!). This week on Miss Walker I am going to show you some inspiration from my offline favourites, pics that have made it into my inspiration folder and have influenced my style, whether for just a one off project or for a whole room in my home. First up is Vogue Living, I hope you find something that you like here, let me know your favourites!

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend and the rest of the week is just as great! xoxo

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  1. Hmmm..I agree with you!! I just love going and seeing the new magazines come out & having a sit down to read through it. I always love the pictures and new ideas that come along with them. Gorgeous images..have a great weekend flower! xx

  2. I love reading Magazines!!! Great images :)

  3. Great pics! Like the wall of art in 3rd to last pic.

  4. Lovely images, I love the headboard in the first picture and the wallpaper in the last picture!


  5. I love magazine flicking over a nice cup of tea, then going back & attacking the pages with my scissors ready to fill the pages of my inspiration book

  6. Flicking through magazines & newspapers is the perfect thing to do on a Sunday my choice this Sun was Elle, perfect pastime.
    Love your choice of pictures such a great mix!

    Abigail x

  7. Love those photos! Especially the dining room with the colorful chairs.

    ♥ sécia

  8. Great pics - and I LOVE flicking through magazines! I can´t see myself replacing that with just reading online, even though that is a great addition. I need to cozy up in my bed with a great, thick magazine and a bar of chocolate..! :-D

  9. Yes i'm with you, I love magazines and can't stop buying them...my hubby says they'll send me bankrupt one day...yes I'm that bad!!! great post!
    Have a wonderful week :))

  10. That's one mag I haven't bought before, another one to add to the ever increasing list!

  11. I don't think I could ever stop buying magazines - there is something so special about being able to flip colourful and glossy pages. I love the 3rd image the best- love the stylish busyness in the room. I would want to study every image in there. xx

  12. It's an addiction I never want to be rid of! Love Vogue Living, all these pics are seriously doing it for me, have beautiful week sweet xx


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