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Milan Report: Gold Rush

Gold decor is the next trend off the rank and in my opinion can be tricky to pull off as it's a fine line between stunning, glamorous and chic and over the top and ostentatious. Note that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! You want to be more amazing than Austin Powers!
Get it right, like today's inspiration and the results can be magical! xoxo

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  1. Really nice - like the wallpaper in 2nd pic and the gold paisley chair in 6th pic.

  2. Oh the gold wall and wallpaper is stunning. Beautiful!

  3. So lovely! Love that circular ceiling design in that kitchen.

  4. gold can be such a great colour to have in your home but definetly dont want to go ott with it.
    love the simple gold frames and chair legs.

    Abigail x

  5. Great spread!

    ♥ sécia

  6. LOve this post - gold is hot!! I just selected you for a blog award today - come on over :)

  7. Well in my mind even Austin Powers gold is a good look! No such thing as too much, but you are right, it does have to be handled with aplomb. A bit of black, or navy, a bit of rustic texture in stone or timber, and definitely a sense of humour.

  8. Gold is the new white? ;-)
    I ♥ gold walls!!

  9. Completely obsessed with gold! And that top kitchen image is all kinds of sexy!

  10. wow i love the gold!! If done right it can make a home so beautiful! Just gotta be careful to not make it over the top & end up looking like Donald Trump's house LOL great inspiration.

    & thx for your lovely comments on my blog. <3

  11. I agree, gold is on it's way back. I used a gold back splash for a client last year it turned out so beautiful! You have some lovely photos! Great post.

  12. Oh so much gold! Why cant any of those be mine!?


  13. WOW...each image is more beautiful than the next. Love this post.

    Thx for your comment on my blog. Let me know if you did follow so I can follow back. Great blog by the way :)

    <3 Marina


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